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Canine Epilepsy: Creating an Effective First Aid Kit for Dogs with Seizures

Updated: Mar 19

Creating an Effective First Aid Kit for Dogs with Seizures

Creating a first aid kit for a dog with epilepsy involves including specific items that can help manage seizures and provide comfort to your dog during and after an episode. Here's a detailed explanation of each item's purpose and how to use them:

  • Anti-Seizure Medications: These are critical for managing and potentially stopping an ongoing seizure. Follow your vet's instructions on dosage and administration method (usually oral or rectal).

  • Seizure Journal: Use this to record details of each seizure, including its duration, severity, and any possible triggers. This information can help your vet adjust treatment plans.

  • Instant Ice Packs: Apply these to your dog's body, especially the back and head, to help reduce body temperature, as seizures can cause overheating.

  • Emergency Contact List: Keep this accessible to quickly call your vet or an emergency clinic if a seizure is unusually long or severe, or if you need immediate advice.

  • Natural Anti-Anxiety Spray: After a seizure, dogs can be disoriented and stressed. Spray this around their resting area (not directly on them) to help calm them down.

  • Pheromone Diffuser/Herbal Calming Collar: Use these before and after a seizure to create a calming environment and reduce stress, which can sometimes trigger seizures.

  • Lavender Essential Oil: If approved by your vet, you can gently apply a small amount to your dog's bedding (not directly on the skin) to help soothe them post-seizure. Be very cautious with essential oils as some can be harmful.

  • Ear or Rectal Thermometer: Check your dog's temperature after a seizure to ensure it's not dangerously high, indicating overheating, which might require immediate veterinary attention.


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  • Portable Water Bowl: After a seizure, it's important to keep your dog hydrated. Offer water gently to ensure they don't choke, as they might be disoriented.

  • Pet Bath Wipes/Disinfectant Wipes: Use these to clean up your dog and the surrounding area if they've drooled excessively or had an accident during the seizure.

  • Latex Gloves: Wear these when administering rectal medication or cleaning up after a seizure to maintain hygiene.

  • Honey: If your vet approves, offer a small amount to help counteract potential post-seizure hypoglycemia.

  • Low-Fat Protein Snacks: After addressing any immediate post-seizure hypoglycemia, offer these to help stabilize your dog's blood sugar levels and provide a comforting treat.

  • Fresh Water and Cooling Collar: Ensuring your dog is hydrated is crucial. A cooling collar can also help reduce the risk of overheating post-seizure.

  • Paper Towels, Harness, Collar, and Leash: These are for clean-up and ensuring you can safely transport or control your dog if necessary post-seizure.

  • Car Ramp or Blanket: Use these to gently transport your dog to the vet if they're unable to walk or if you're advised to seek immediate veterinary care.


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Conclusion: Creating an Effective First Aid Kit for Dogs with Seizures

Each item in the first aid kit serves a specific purpose in either managing a seizure, providing post-seizure care, or ensuring the safety and comfort of your dog during a vulnerable time. Always follow your veterinarian's advice on how to use these items effectively and safely.


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