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Our Story

It started with a great dog, Bailey, suffering from a terrible condition, canine epilepsy. But with the proper routine, Bailey got better.


Two friends, Christina and Sally, were determined to provide proper support for epileptic dogs and their owners so they too could experience a healthier and happier life. 

epileptic dog parents

Bringing Bailey Home

Christina bought Bailey from a lovely couple in the countryside. He was the sweetest, most sensitive boy and quickly became the most loved member of the family. 

Epileptic Puppy
tired epileptic dog

The First Seizure

Two years later, Bailey collapsed and started shaking violently. Christina watched in horror at a complete loss for what to do. But at the animal hospital, they reassured her this was likely a one-off seizure. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

5 Years in the Making

Barely Surviving Canine Epilepsy

The seizures became more frequent and severe. Christina spent months changing medications and dosages, but nothing made an impact. Between work and her social life, Christina was rushing to the vets, administering medications at precise times, and constantly worried Bailey was about to die.

epileptic dog at the vet

The Breaking Point

Bailey was put on a new drug to get the seizures under control but the side effects were unbearable. He lost control of his limbs even when he wasn’t having a seizure. He became anxious and aggressive; Christina could barely recognise the sweet dog she knew. Meanwhile, Bailey's epilepsy was getting worse, not better, and his vets refused to take him off the drug. 

sad epileptic dog
epileptic dog and best friend

A Crash Course in Dog Health

Christina enlisted Bailey's best friend, Sally, to help. They read every research paper about epilepsy, hired a nutritionist to develop a diet and supplement protocol to boost Bailey’s health and they both worked with a behaviouralist to reduce Bailey's anxiety. Suddenly there was a sustainable routine that was working!

Bailey Got Better

Within a month, Bailey went from having 3 seizures a day to 1 a month. Now Bailey has been seizure free for over 1 year! Through a specially crafted routine that combined holistic intervention with the traditional veterinary routes, Bailey and Christina were both able to become themselves again. 

Welcome to Dogilpetic

Sally and I want to put our experience with canine epilepsy to good use. We have been on this journey, and know how much of a toll it takes on both pets and owners. We want to make sure every dog is getting the best care available while removing all the stress for the people that care for them.


There is so much I wish I had known at the beginning of my canine epilepsy journey with Bailey, and so much unverified information out there on the internet. Dogileptic is here to help you manage your pet’s condition, give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can, and eliminate the majority of the administrative tasks required.  


We put everything in one box, in the exact dosage for your pet. In the meantime, we are always here to provide friendly advice and a loving community of happy dogs and owners who have gone on the same journey as you. 

epileptic dog owner

CEO & Co-founder

When I got diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy aged 2, my mum's world turned upside down. Lots of visits to the vet and lots of medication didn’t help me very much, so Mum decided to change things up. I got delicious new food packed with all the nutrition I needed, the most amazing healthy treats and Mum made sure all the chemical nasties were taken out of my life. I used to have multiple seizures a day, but I haven’t had one in a year now! Dogileptic exists because I want to help other dogs feel healthier, too, and I get to be the boss!


Bailey's Mum & Co-founder 

As an epileptic dog owner, I know how difficult this diagnosis can be. On top of working full-time, it was nearly impossible to keep my stress levels under control. So we created Dogileptic with owners at the forefront of our minds. When Bailey was diagnosed, I felt so alone, and there were little to no resources out there providing reassurance. Dogileptic is my way of making sure owners get access to the best products, taking out the guesswork, and neatly packaging all items in one box so you're not constantly chasing orders like I was.


Bailey's BFF & Co-founder

Apart from being Bailey’s best friend, I’m a serial dog lover and entrepreneur. Watching Bailey and Christina go through this experience first-hand opened my eyes to a severely overlooked group of dogs and owners. I wanted to put my tech and product skills to good use and find a way to help. My experience in health tech exposed me to how many conditions require a holistic 360º approach that includes lifestyle and management changes. I thought, why not apply the same approach to dogs as we do to humans?


Dog Lover & Veterinary Surgeon 

Dr. Natascha Hedegaard BVetMed MRCVS graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 2018. She is passionate about optimising canine health with a holistic approach to veterinary medicine and consideration for the individual patient. She is currently undertaking her Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine with an aim to becoming an Advanced Practitioner and also has a specific interest in canine behaviour. Natascha has a ginormous dog of her own, her beloved Monty the Mastiff. In her spare time, Natascha loves to ride horses and travel the world to discover all creatures great and small.


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