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Stress Free for Dog & Owner

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Keto diets are clinically proven to reduce seizure frequency. Our food is packed with superfoods and contains human-grade meat. No preservatives.

Premium Keto Dog Food

A ketogenic diet for less! A natural and complete diet for dogs that provides Essential nutrients & vitamins. 65% real meat and grain free. 

Keto Dog Food

Your dog is a superstar for putting up with epilepsy. Our 100% pure meat treats will make sure they feel good while you tell them they're a good dog.

Pure Protein Treats

High-Grade MCT oil is clinically proven to reduce seizure frequency. Our MCT oil is human-grade and 100% organic.

C8 MCT Oil

Certain strains of probiotics have proven to be beneficial for brain health, helping with behavioural issues, seizure management, and stress.  

Brain Health Probiotic

Omega3 oil is clinically proven to reduce seizure frequency and intensity. We use 100% natural organic fish oil from sustainable sources. 

Organic Omega 3 Oil

Tick and Flea repellents are known to trigger seizures in dogs due to their harsh chemicals and toxins. We recommend our effective products. 

Tick & Flea Prevention 

Using supplements for a heathy gut is key to worming your dog naturally. We suggest adding a daily treat for total gut protection. 

Natural Gut Support