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A personalised care plan for you and your epileptic dog, backed by research.

There's no need to stress about how you can best support your dog. Dogileptic simplifies managing canine epilepsy into one monthly box for you and your dog to enjoy. 

epileptic dog subscription box
epileptic dog subscription box

1 Custom Box 
1 Time a Month

We give you all the scientific research behind holistic care options, you decide what is best for your epi dog. 

We pack it up and keep track of when you might be running low, sending you a monthly box full of all the goodies for you and your dog.


Swipe and click on any of the box contents to learn more about the item, the science, and why we recommend adding it to your box.

Keto 100% Natural Dog Food

C8 MCT Oil

100% Organic Salmon Oil

Neurohealth Pill Putty Treat

Automatic Pill Dispenser 

Anti-Parisitic Gut Support 

Natural Tick & Flea

100% Venison Dog Treats

Organic Calming Dog Shampoo

Worm & Lungworm Testing


√ Made by loving epileptic dog owners for epileptic dog owners

√ Scientifically backed by research and the latest clinical trials 

√ All items you need to care for your epileptic dog in 1 box, amend it any time 

√ Average yearly savings of £600 compared to purchasing separately 

√ 100% natural and high quality ingredients 

√ A full care routine that considers the dog holistically, backed by research 

√ A loving community of epi dog parents her to support you

Other Options

X Not made for the needs of epileptic dogs and their owners


X One dimensional approaches to canine health


X Selling products without completing 360º research 

X  Full of misinformation, unsubstantiated claims and too much choice

X Multiple subscriptions from different companies that you have to keep straight

X Bad quality ingredients- chemicals, additives, filler and more!

X No community support 

Want hassle-free care for your epileptic dog? 

Start building your personalised care plan today.

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